ANTOP AIR PURIFIER Invites You to CES 2024 | New Products will be Launched

Las Vegas Convention Center 3150, Paradise Rd Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
ANTOP sincerely invites you to participate in the CES Expo in 2024! And we will launch our new products here, welcome to experience!
Booth No.: HALL #22627
Time: Jan. 9th -12th, 2024
Location: Las Vegas Convention Center 3150, Paradise Rd Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
2023 CES Position
Humidifier Air Purifier (NEW)
Large Home Air Purifier (NEW)
Pet Air Purifier (NEW)
And multiple series of air purifiers will be showed at the exhibition.
Let me introduce our new product to you:
The humidifier air purifier AP-PH1 adopts mist-free evaporative technology which can reach 40%-60% constant health humidity. Its 10L large water tank provides long-lasting humidification without need for frequent water addition. Equipped with an efficient silver ion antibacterial H12 HEPA filter, it can quickly intercept suspended particles such as PM2.5, dust, second-hand smoke, bacteria, and allergens.
The flood standing air purifier AP-P1/AP-P2 uses dual filters for higher purification efficiency, with a CADR value of up to 600m³/h. One of the composite filters includes the primary filter, HEPA filter, and photocatalyst filter, while the other includes HEPA filter and activated carbon filter.
The new pet air purifier AP-L2-NP can effectively adsorb pet hair&dander, remove odors, and reduce allergens. Its primary electrostatic cotton traps dander, fur, and hair in the air, providing pets with a healthy and fresh playing environment. And its high-efficiency carbon honeycomb layer can help to decompose pet urine and feces smell permanently.
More product details, feel free to contact us directly, and welcome to visit our booth for consultation.

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