Types of Air Purification

Do you know how many kinds of air purifiers are there on the market

There are several types of air purification, different types has different pros and cons. Now, let overview the five types air purification on the market.

1.HEPA(High Efficiency Particulate Air)Filtration

Uses densely woven fibers to capture particles as they pass through the filter


Reduces allergens (dust, pollen, mold, spores, dust mites) & most bacteria


Captures <50% of the smallest viruses

Dose not remove chemical fumes, cigarette smoke, or odors

Microorganisms captured in the filter can still reproduce.

2.Activated Carbon Filtration

Adsorbs contaminants as they pass through a lattice of pores


Captures chemical fumes, formaldehyde, gases, cigarette smoke, odors & VOCs.

Does not release contaminants back into the air.


Does not remove allergen

Does not remove microorganism

3.Ultraviolet Light Air Purification

Expose microorganisms to a shielded UV Light as they pass through the purifier


May neutralize microorganisms, such as germs, bacteria & mold.


Does not remove allergens, gases, or odors

Some UV filters generate ozone

Pathogens may not be exposed long enough to be neutralized.


Sends out a steam of negative ions that bind particles, rendering them too heavy to remain airborne.


Binds to bacteria,  viruses, smoke & ultrafine particles.


Particles land on surface can be easily be stirred back into the air.

Produces ozone as a byproduc

Does not remove gasses or odors.

5.Photocatalytic Oxidation

Completely decompose organic pollutants into carbon dioxide, water and inorganic water molecules


Proactively reduces viruses, bacteria, mold & fungi in the air & on surface.

Substantial odor reduction due to the breakdown of VOCs (volatile organic compounds

No ozone or other harmful byproduct


Does not remove dust or pet dander

Before purchasing a purifier, learn the advantages and disadvantages of different air purifiers before selecting the most suitable purifie

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